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Lash Extension Policies


Lash Extension Services not available for online booking.

Please call


for an appointment!


We enforce a STRICT 48 hour cancellation policy on All Lash Extension Appointments (Full Sets and Fills). If an appointment is canceled within 24 hours, the FULL PRICE of the missed appointment  will be charged. A credit Card number will be required to reserve a future appointment.


                                                    Pre-Paid Lash Fill Loyalty Packages 

1) Pre-Paid Lash Fill Loyalty Package Prices are honored for PRE-BOOKED appointments ONLY. PRE-BOOK means the next appointment must be scheduled before leaving Salon.  Appointments cannot be made at a later date.

REASON: Technicians are booked solid at least 2 weeks in advance. Fills must be scheduled within the time interval* specified in Loyalty Package (2 or 3 weeks). Waiting to Book appointments at a later date simply can not be accommodated due to technician availability.  


 2) If canceling or rescheduling  (at least 48 hours in advance ) But due to availability of the technician are not able to reschedule within the time interval* specified in the package,  the difference of the FULL PRICE FILL will be charged at the time of appointment.


If unable to reschedule within 4 weeks of last fill due to availability, the difference of a Full priced FULL SET will be charged. 

REASON: Every day (or week) that passes between fills, lash extensions become more sparse thus more Lash's need to be replaced (filled) to achieve the desired look. This requires significantly more time, thus increasing the price.

 After 4 weeks, lash extensions become very sparse requiring the technician to book the same amount of time as a FULL SET to accomplish the desired look.

 3) Haven Lash Fill Loyalty Packages do EXPIRE if not used within time frame allowed to fulfill the complete package. (6-9 weeks)  The difference  will be charged on the FULL PRICE for any appointments scheduled  after package expires.

*Time interval for fills  is determined by the date of the last Fill appointment- not the date of a cancelled appointment.

Lash Extension Prices




Light Full Set  (50-60 lash's)- 2 hrs ................. $159


Medium Full Set (65-75 lash's)- 2.5 hrs........... $179


Maxi Full Set (80-100 lash's)- 3 hrs.................... $199




2 Week Fill........ $49

3 Week Fill........ $69   

4 Week Fill........ $89






 Mink Add On:

Full Set........ Add  $25

Fills.............. Add  $15



Haven Salon

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